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View our range of security screens at Bullfrog Blinds, including the Starline Security SecureView and BasiX screens. Get in touch with us to discuss any of our products and installation.

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SecureView Starline Security


A premium security screen product by Starline Security, the SecureView Security Screens provide strong protection to your home, whilst also seamlessly fitting into the design of your home.

SecureView is made from a durable mesh, that is manufactured from stainless-steel wire. It offers some of the strongest protection of the security screens currently available in the market in terms of its durability and strength.

Whilst other security screens compromise heavily on design for safety, SecureView is both highly secure from extreme weather conditions and breakage, as well as offering great visibility to outside.

SecureView also offers great airflow for the hot Queensland climate and reduces the necessity for running air conditioning as often. It is also a recognised fallsafe screen, which means it can be utilised in multi-storey homes instead of window restrictors and is fully compliant with the “Kids don’t Fly” building code. SecureView window screens provide peace of mind, security and do not compromise on design.


BasiX fall prevention screens are an affordable and contemporary option. They offer peace of mind that you will be safe and secure and provide a great economical option.

BasiX also complies with the “Kids don’t Fly” building code, and protects your family from falling accidents, particularly in multi-storey homes.

Alongside this, it assists with airflow throughout your home, reducing the need for constant air conditioning and helping you lower your power bill and environmental footprint. BasiX screens have the best ventilation out of any of the Starline Security options.

Overall, BasiX screens are an affordable, secure and strong fall protection option for your home.

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